Saturday, 26 September 2015

Is innovation affordable? 

Efforts are put in finding new ways of making affordable drugs.  Innovations comes with effective and safe technologies  but cost is making them prohibitive in many parts of the world. During afternoon session an appeal was lunched to get affordable care for everyone who need it.

When resources are highly constraint data collection, early detection, access surgery, x-ray imagining, radiotherapy and access to the basic anti-cancer drugs are seen as priorities. Increasing the means of education and training for the healthcare professionals would make easier the access to the sophisticates techniques and equipments.

On the other hand, to assure at least the access to the essential drugs is a good solution for other cancers, but not helping when comes about melanoma, where chemotherapy is ineffective.  A very good approach to have access to the innovation seems to be running smarter and cheaper clinical trials which would lower the price and make the medicines available earlier for the patients with advanced melanoma and... of course more likely to pass the HTA and to be reimbursed.

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